Evergreen Grass Maintenance

The maintenance of a green field is sometimes not easy. From dry yellow turf to weeds, you can solve several green problems by taking the time to take care of your lawn as soon as the snow completely melts.

Mowing, fertilizing, watering and maintenance. It is certain that you must invest time, but in the end, the results are well worth it, if one wishes that his green field remains green!

What to do to maintain your lawn year-round

Spring: raking, planting, fertilization

For starters, the suggestion has it that you rake your yard to remove debris and some dead leaves that may have remained on the ground, around April and May. We can also keep the fallen leaves for composting. You can use them as fertilizer later!

Once the soil is dry, it’s time to take out your rake! This step is important because the grass grows faster later. This step also helps to see if it is necessary to plant new turf. If necessary, we can proceed with the planting.

Our recommendation strongly has it that you choose a grass that contains endophytes. Endophytes are a kind of fungus that you can find inside plants, such as turf, and they help repel predators that could affect the excellent growth of the lawn. A way that is both effective and ecological to ensure that your land stays healthy!

Very important: it is necessary to wait until the grass has reached a height of about 10 cm before mowing it a first time, especially for the places where there was planting. This will allow it to be stronger and your efforts will not have been made in vain. Otherwise, it can be cut as soon as it measures about 5 cm.

Summer: lawn mowing, fertilizer

Once the mower’s ball is in full swing, you can make the cuts when the greenery is approximately 8 cm. Also, you do not want to mow your lawn too often, at the risk of damaging it.

Once the mower is out of the issue, there is no need to pick up freshly cut herbs, unless there are too many. By leaving them in the field, you can use them as a natural fertilizer.

Also, to maximize the chances of having a healthy green field, it goes without saying that it is necessary to use fertilizer. To ensure the care of the environment, we prefer to use a natural rather than chemical. We can find some in store. Otherwise, the compost is always practical!

During a period of high heat, you must also make sure that the ground does not dry out. When the soil is dry, it is important to water it so that it stays healthy and keeps its beautiful color.

For the summer, cut and water, as needed!

End of summer/autumn: last cut, last cleaning

Before storing tools for the winter season, the recommendation has it to have the last cut off dead leaves.

It also checks the pH of its soil to determine if it should be lime. This process reduces the acidity of the soil and makes fertilizers more efficient. We aerate and soil his land and we can also put fertilizer in anticipation of the cold season.

Finally, we use the lawnmower for the last time before storing it in the garage and see its ground cover with white flakes

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