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How to Fix Damaged Lawn

Every year, your lawn suffers and does not recover all the beauty it had when you sowed it. It is high time to take care of it. How to do? After cleaning the damaged lawn, throw the seeds where the lawn has some imperfections. Discover the next steps in the article, and make your lawn regain its splendor!

Disease, ground too tight, too wet … Your lawn deteriorates, and some parts begin to be bald. Before replenishing your lawn, try to solve the problem; otherwise, your lawn will be damaged the following year again! Then you can tackle cleaning, sowing, tamping, watering … Here are five steps to take for your lawn to regain its vigor.

Quick Guide

1. Clean the damaged lawn

Using a rake or scarifier, first remove moss and dirt from your lawn. If you have the impression of tearing everything away, do not worry, you only remove a minimal amount of grass, and you give your garden a new life. Finish by hand to remove any weeds.

2. Sowing the grass seeds

Once everything is clean, you just have to throw your seeds where your lawn has gaps. You can completely cover your space but focus on the parts that need it most. Then cover with potting soil or compost.

3. Pack the earth

If you leave your seeds underground, the wind and the birds will quickly make them disappear. Roll over the entire surface of your lawn to allow your seeds to be well grounded.

4. Water regularly

Better to sow when the weather is nice. Watch the weather to avoid heavy rains on young seedlings. Water your young lawn frequently to allow it to flourish. The sprinkler system is also handy.

5. Add fertilizer

fall lawn treatmentYou want to stimulate the growth of your seedlings: apply lawn fertilization about two months after having compacted the soil. Opt for a slow-release fertilizer so that it diffuses gently into your grass without the risk of burning it. Be sure to follow the instructions for the fertilizer you have chosen.

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